Understanding More about bicycle fitting

Every human body is different. Beyond height and inseam length, when you take into account elements such as weight, relative flexibility, muscular development, fitness level, training conditions and objectives, you end up with a unique set of needs for each cyclist.

For example the cyclists illustrated below, all the same height but all with different body proportions need different fits.
Most shops would just sell them a bike they have in stock sending them out the door. Unfortunately this practice results in comfort and handling issues, such as high-speed wobbling. It will also negatively affect overall performance.

Travis Cycle would have taken the time to fit these riders according to their special needs. Changing stem lengths, head tube spaces and making saddle adjustments in seat height and set back leading to better performance and comfort.

With that said we believe a high performance bike should be made to fit the individual—not the other way around. Based on a rider’s specific morphology, we can design a custom bicycle that unleashes the full potential of that individual. Thus, for the hypothetical riders depicted above, we would actually make three distinct frame designs:

Most bike stores will not offer this service, but it produces something special. A bicycle that acts like a natural extension of your body, perfectly suited and absolutely balanced. A bike that’s designed to make you go faster than you have ever gone before.


How we do bicycle fitting.

Come in and see how our robotic assisted bicycle fitting system can make you more efficient than ever before. With drivetrain, motors, actuators and proprietary software; the DFU has revolutionized the fit process by drastically increasing efficiency and by creating an interactive experience.

The DFU, manipulates the rider’s position while he or she is pedaling. The software, based on the client’s body measurements, suggests a starting position for the fitter in using XY coordinates. We then adjust the fit down to the millimetre in order to achieve a perfect fit, which is optimized for power, cadence, position and most of all, comfort.

At no point do we ever have to ask you to disembark from the unit to change positions of handlebars, pedals or seat position. The actuators take care of all of these actions automatically. We can make you faster than ever, without compromising comfort. Play this video to see the DFU in action.


Every fitting backed up with a Video analysis.


Learn more about how your feet affect your overall cycling performance.


Get a Free Foot Analysis


During the analysis, we examine your arches and foot and ankle movement. As you stand on our podoscope, we do a computer-aided analysis of your foot type. If insoles are recommended, a pair can be rapidly custom-molded for you.

You don’t need to set aside a lot of time for your free foot analysis. The analysis and custom insole molding together can be completed in just ten minutes.

What are you waiting for? Come get your free foot analysis and start seeing your feet in a whole new way!