Dynamic Fit Unit

Come in and see how our  robotic assisted bicycle fitting system can make you more efficient than ever before. With drivetrain, motors, actuators and proprietary software; the DFU has revolutionized the fit process by drastically increasing efficiency and by creating an interactive experience.

The DFU, manipulates the rider’s position while he or she is pedaling. The software, based on the client’s body measurements, suggests a starting position for the fitter in using XY coordinates.  We then adjust the fit down to the millimetre in order to achieve a perfect fit, which is optimized for power, cadence, position and most of all, comfort.

At no point do we ever have to ask you to disembark from the unit to change positions of handlebars, pedals or seat position. The actuators take care of all of these actions automatically. We can make you faster than ever, without compromising comfort. Play this video to see the DFU in action.

Satisfy your curiosity.  Stop in today!